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PhotoScape for Windows 10

PhotoScape for Windows 10 is a number one image editor and viewer that offers its users plenty of convenient tools and options. The program allows amazingly fast overviewing

PhotoScape for Windows 8

PhotoScape is an easy-to-use and perfectly made graphical editor, which contains all the features required for sophisticated photographer or designer. Positioning as a suitable

PhotoScape for Windows 7

Among a wide variety of complex graphical editors, the leaders of the industry head the common trend, representing abilities and features which are not available in the rest of

PhotoScape for Windows XP

PhotoScape for Windows XP is a modern application that will help you to get an overview of your images with plenty of simple ways to edit and optimize them. Make you digital

PhotoScape for Mac OS X

PhotoScape for Mac OS X is a powerful and convenient photo manager, designed for viewing and editing pictures with different tools and options. The app already contains everything


PhotoScape for PC

PhotoScape for PC is an all-in-one style photo viewer and editor. The application offers a rich number of functions and services for both newbies and experienced users and allows them modifying existing pictures the way they want it to. PhotoScape contains almost every possible tool for working with images, from editing, optimizing and adding effects to sharing and printing. The app supports all popular kinds of image formats, including RAW files, PNG, JPEG and animated GIFs. Download PhotoScape for PC for free and save your perfect memories with top-quality edited photos.

PhotoScape attracts millions of users due to its smart interface and uncommon design. All the app’s tools are available at hand and are easy to use. The program’s main window offers everything for fast and effective work: all the options to view, edit, optimize and print can be chosen in a single click.

PhotoScape for PC has a list of significant benefits:

  1. Viewer: A classical image viewer and an ability to create slideshows
  2. Batch editor: save your time with changing and editing several pictures at the same time
  3. Editor: color adjustment, brightness, resizing, white balance, mosaic mode, drawing pictures, adding text, blooming and dozens of filters for creating your own masterpiece.
  4. Combination of images: add numerous photos to create one single picture
  5. Make animated GIFs: creating animated photos is finally available for all the app’s users
  6. Printing: Print CDV, passport and portrait photos
  7. Make screenshots: Screen Capture option with a possibility to save files are here for your convenience
  8. Paging: Merge several pictures on one page frame to create a single final photo
  9. Color Picker: Zoom in on pictures, search and pick the needed color
  10. Rename: Change names of your numerous files in a one click
  11. Slicer: Divide your photo into several pieces
  12. Raw Converter: Change your RAW files to JPG format.

Start using free PhotoScape for PC and get beautiful and professional images in a matter of seconds!