Old versions of PhotoScape

PhotoScape is an amazing photo editor and viewer with lots of additional features. The program contains dozens of various filters, tools and effects. Since the app has been popular for years, it offers numerous versions for your convenience. Whether you would like to use previous or earlier program’s version, you are free to choose any from the following list below. Download old PhotoScape with a full range of cool utilities and boost your creativity right now!

PhotoScape has almost everything you need for viewing, optimizing, editing, printing and having fun with your photos. This is a full-featured application that is currently considered to be free and easy alternative to its Photoshop counterpart.

One of the most amazing app’s features is its uncommon interface. The main window already contains all the needed actions: image viewing, optimization of images, printing several photos on one page in the form of a collage or adding any of the program’s numerous filters or exclusive effects. Among additional features there are selecting colors, creating screen shots, renaming files and even a RAW converter.

All PhotoScape versions have a list of amazing benefits:

  • comfortable design and simple for understanding software
  • quick download and installation
  • powerful editor with dozens of functions and settings
  • available for different kinds of devices and operating systems
  • no bugs or crashes
  • absolutely free to download and use

PhotoScape early versions can be useful in these cases:

  • your device is not so powerful to meet all the new app’s requirements
  • the newest program’s version has lost any of your favorite functions
  • you prefer using old version rather than the newest one

Old versions of PhotoScape are the real treasure for those, who prefer classical app’s design and functionality.