PhotoScape for Windows 10

PhotoScape for Windows 10 is a number one image editor and viewer that offers its users plenty of convenient tools and options. The program allows amazingly fast overviewing

PhotoScape for Windows 8

PhotoScape is an easy-to-use and perfectly made graphical editor, which contains all the features required for sophisticated photographer or designer. Positioning as a suitable

PhotoScape for Windows 7

Among a wide variety of complex graphical editors, the leaders of the industry head the common trend, representing abilities and features which are not available in the rest of

PhotoScape for Windows XP

PhotoScape for Windows XP is a modern application that will help you to get an overview of your images with plenty of simple ways to edit and optimize them. Make you digital

PhotoScape for Mac OS X

PhotoScape for Mac OS X is a powerful and convenient photo manager, designed for viewing and editing pictures with different tools and options. The app already contains everything



PhotoScape cannot be called a worthy substitution to Photoshop package, but it Is quite capable to handle with the basic operations related to graphics area. Handy interface, user-friendly design, a wide variety of possibilities – here’s the basic list of PhotoScape distinctions, which highlight the mentioned app from a range of alternatives. Download PhotoScape for free and enjoy the fully-working product abilities and features. By the way, this graphical editor is absolutely free, doesn’t contain any ads and has no any limitations regarding the functional part, so you may work with it quite continuously and not feel any discomfort from registration or banners scrolling.

Among the software functions are frame handling, resizing the images according to defined parameters, text typing and new items adding to the picture, that result to creating new unique masterpieces of graphical art, collages and comics books (by the way, balloons adding is also one of the features of PhotoScape). Also you may set auto contrast, which make the picture look brighter and sharper, apply the black & white gamma spreading (from color palette to sepia and different intermediate states), regulate the bloom effect and brightness level. As for the combining possibilities in PhotoScape, you may create different combinations and layouts of the ultimate images, depending on your taste and passion. Of course, you may crop the photos whatever you like, from rectangle and oval shapes to roundy figures. As each respected graphical editor, PhotoScape possesses a multitude of filters, which may enrich the visual presentation of the photo and empower it with new fresh look and style.

In addition to those, you may apply the mosaic impact, if you want to hide any text typing or the private info. At last, via PhotoScape you may create animated GIF-image, by customizing the graphical components of the file, and setting up the interval and effect of changing the sequence of frames. Very useful functional element, for instance, if you want to create an avatar for a message board or for live feed.

The detailed description of all the program features could include much more time and efforts. Instead, it is worth to download and install PhotoScape free full version for yourself and discover the opportunities, which the tool provides us gradually, step-by-step. In this case the utility will serve you well the continuous period of time without any clauses.